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Nhóm 1
Analysis: S phân tích
Chemical analysis of the woman’s dress revealed traces of blood. The book is an analysis of poverty and its causes.
At the meeting they presented a detailed analysis of twelve schools. • analyse / • analyze
• analyst
• analytic = isolating
• analytical
• analytically
Approach: Phương pháp, ti p c n
We need to adopt a different approach to the problem
What's the best way of approaching this problem?
• approachable / • unapproachable
Area: Ph m vi hi u bi t, chuyên môn
Software is not really my area of expertise
Assess: ðánh giá
The tests are designed to assess a child's reading skills.
It's difficult to assess the effects of these changes.
Interviews allow you to assess the suitability of candidates. • assessable
• assessment
• reassess
• reassessment
Assume: Cho r ng, gi ñ nh
Everything was quiet when I got home so I assumed that you had gone out. Let us assume for a moment that the plan succeeds.
She would, he assumed, be home at the usual time.
In this example we have assumed a unit price of $10.
I had assumed him to be a Belgian.
• assumed
• assuming
• assumption
Authority: Chuyên gia
She is an authority on seventeenth-century English literature • authoritative
• authoritatively
ðinh Nho Hi p –


Nhóm 1
Available: Có th mua ñư c, s d ng ñư c
This information is available free on the Internet.
The new drug is not yet available to the public.
When will the information be made available?
We'll send you a copy as soon as it becomes available.
• availability
• unavailability
• unavailable
Benefit: L i th , l i ích
He couldn't see the benefit of arguing any longer.
I had the benefit of a good education
For maximum benefit, take the tablets before meals.
• beneficial
• beneficiary
Concept: Khái ni m
He can't grasp the basic concepts of mathematics
Concepts such as ‘civilization’ and ‘government’
• conception
• conceptual
• conceptualize
• conceptually
Consist: Bao g m, g m có
A dessert consisting of fruit and cream (ch a ñ ng)
The beauty of the city consists in its magnificent buildings. (chính) • consistency / • inconsistency
• consistent / • inconsistent
• consistently / • inconsistently
Constitute: (~establish, set up) Thi t l p, thành l p
The committee was constituted in 1974 by an Act of Parliament • constituency
• constituent
• constitution
• constitutional / • unconstitutional
• constitutionally / • unconstitutionally
• constitutive
ðinh Nho Hi p –


Nhóm 1
Context: Trong hoàn c nh
This speech needs to be set in the context of Britain in the 1960s. His decision can only be understood in context.
• contextual
• contextualization
• contextualize
• contextually
Contract: H p ñ ng
• contractor
Create: T o ra, gây nên
The snow created further problems
Scientists disagree about how the universe was created.
The government plans to create more jobs for young people.
• creation / • recreation
• creative
• creatively
• creativity
• creator
• recreate
Data: Thông tin
Define: Ch c ch n
I've heard rumours, but nothing definite
Your duties are clearly defined in the contract.
Can you define what it means to be an American?
• definable
• definition
• redefine
• redefinition
• undefined
Derive: Nh n ñư c, l y ñư c t … tìm th y ngu n g c t
The name derives from Latin.
The word ‘politics’ is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘city/ He derived great pleasure from painting
• derivation
• derivative
ðinh Nho Hi p –


Nhóm 1
Distribute: Phân ph i, phân phát
The organization distributed food to the earthquake victims
• distribution
• distributional
• distributive
• distributor
• redistribute
• redistribution
• redistributive
Economic: Thu c kinh t
The economy is in recession
• economical
• economically
• economics
• economist
• economy
• uneconomic
• uneconomical
Environment: Môi trư ng
An unhappy home...
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