Academic Study. Bring the Sweetness Home

Topics: Hong Kong, Pudding, Dessert Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Bring the Sweetness Home

Why do Hong Kong people seldom make desserts at home nowadays? Many Hong Kong people think it is too difficult or there is not enough time to make a dessert at home. Local dessert shop, Tong Pak Fu (TPF), has decided to develop new cooking equipment “Create your Sweet Moments” which helps people who do not have ideas and time to make a dessert. Ben Li, the director of TPF says “ “Create your Sweet Moments” is suitable for all kind of people from children to the older generation as it is easier to make desserts although you don’t have experience of making desserts.” “Many people may think that homemade desserts are just for special days like Valentines’ Day. Actually, that is not true. Everybody should share your love with others at every moment.” Ben Li added. Apart from easiness and timesaving, “Create your Sweet Moments” are tools to enhance the relationship with friends and families through making desserts together. The tools may be another option to use while in friends’ gatherings or family day. “When you see strawberry puddings finally made by yourselves, you would feel confident on making other desserts like mango puddings instead of going out to enjoy puddings every time. Your making desserts’ skills will also improve as you will invent more desserts with your friends and families.” Li explained. According to Li’s explained, consumers who buy “Create your Sweet Moments” will inspire and thus they create their own desserts and enjoy them with others. You may consider that the cooking equipment is disposable. Also, the packed ingredients will expire within few days while all of the things are kept in a box. Actually, “Create your Sweet Moments” is reusable as the cooking equipment are washable and thus help protecting our environment by lowering the amount of waste. Also, the ingredients will be packaged in the central kitchen. Thus, you can keep the ingredients at least for one to two months. A recipe, a list of ingredients...
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