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Academic Study

By | November 2008
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Some students think that academic study is very important. This importance is derived from different perspectives. The high numbers of academic studies aims have differences in meaning and priorities to each student. Accordingly the way to achieve personal aims is from student to student different .They can include a desire to have an extra qualification or a skill for career purposes, gain knowledge or improve themselves. Improving career prospects is probably one of the most important aims of academic study. After students identify their aims, they might be advised to think about efficient ways to achieve them

Firstly, academic study can help students gain skills which make them well-equipped for work. For example, Masters in computer science at the Universities is aimed at preparing the students for specialist employment in the software industry and in spheres such as broadcasting, multimedia production, consumer electronics and IT equipment. Your only good to sell is your brains, abilities and ideas. Education makes us irreplaceable in some specific field. So, we should try our best to fill it and be a real professional. For better career opportunities the students should have more access to tertiary level education. They should have more facilities and resources for this purpose; for example there should be a drop in minimum level required for entrance. Developing the skills is also essential; add on new skills necessary for our career and improving on them from time to time can help us achieve the levels that we want.

Secondly, it helps in development of our intellectual, spiritual and logical abilities. Being an intellectual person helps us to make spontaneous decisions, creative thoughts and logical strategies. These points are important to built your moral personality of an independent individual with a wide outlook. It is academic study that serves us to get more specialized information, grasp the knowledge and principles discovered by...

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