“Academic Stress, Achievement Motivation, and Academic Achievement as Predictors of Adjustment Among Highschool Students.”

Topics: High school, Educational psychology, Psychological testing Pages: 12 (2995 words) Published: November 26, 2010


The main aim of the present study was to explore the relative contribution of academic stress, achievement motivation and academic achievement among adjustment of high school students. It was hypothesized that adjustment will be significantly predicted on the basis of academic stress, achievement motivation and academic achievement. 160 students of Sangli and Kolhapur district were selected by random sampling method. Multiple regressions were done to analyze the collective data. The findings of the study revealed that academic stress and adjustment is negatively related with each other, while achievement motivation and academic achievement is positively related with adjustment. Most important finding of this study is that, academic achievement and stress is found to be the most successful predictor of adjustment among high school students.

Dr. R. K. Adsul. (HOD, Psychology dept.)
Smt. Mathubai Garware Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Sangli.
Vikas S. Kamble.( Lecturer)
Smt. Kasturbai Walchand College, Sangli
In 21st century the world is changing very rapidly. Every one is surviving for superiority. Today a very high academic achievement has become an important need to seek admission to good courses. This has become a fact for every student. Hence, in educational settings every student has to work hard for better prospects. In the absence of high academic achievements one has face frustration and disappointment. Hence maladjustment the educational world. The problem of academic adjustments is a current issue of educational world. It needs serious consideration. High school students have been suffering from various demands. Adjustment is a capacity of an individual to function effectively in relation to other people (Sechrest and Wallace, 1967). There are many areas of adjustment such as educational, occupational, emotional and home or family adjustment. Educational adjustment is a continuous process of maintaining harmony among the attitudes of the individuals and environmental conditions which surround them in school. (Singh and Sen Gupta, 1987). Academic adjustment means an adjustment task of dealing successfully with school and experience attached with school (Dutt, 1983). Educational adjustment indicates how far a student is satisfied with the school administration. Proper adjustment at school helps the students to build their confidence and it is benefited to their future success. If there is something wrong with any aspect of adjustments it would be reversely affected on their academic achievement. So early detection of maladjustment will help the student in achieving great kind of success. A lots of variables are contributed to academic adjustment such as academic stress, achievement motivation academic achievement, self concept, personality pattern etc. Academic stress is an unavoidable part of modern world students. Gupta and Khan (1987) pointed out that academic stress is mental distress with respect to some anticipated frustration associated with academic failure. Serap and Joseph (2003) in a study framed that learned resourcefulness moderates the relationship between academic stress and academic performance. Analyses revealed that academic stress was negatively associated with academic achievement.

Academic achievement is related to the acquisition of principles and generalizations, and the capacity to perform efficiently with certain manipulation of objects, symbols and ideas (Narayan Rao, 1990). Though it is 50th century concept, it is now widely used and heard in the area of education (Mangal 2000).In the practical life we can observe that those who seemed to be high on achievement motivations they were also high on academic achievement and they were always busy in constructive work. Their maximum task seems to be goal...
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