Academic Strength and Weaknesses

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  • Published : November 5, 2010
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Academic strength and weakness

I started primary school in Ghana at an age lower than the average age that every child should start school. I was in class with mates who where two years older than me. Starting school at such an early age made me realised some strengths and weaknesses. Throughout my secondary and university education, I have been able to build on some of the strength and work towards solving those that still stand as my weakness. During my secondary school education was very good with computer programs and software that I did not have to attend most of the computer lessons in school did very well at computer exams.

One strength that I have always had that I feel if I don’t concentrate more on it will lead to a weakness is that I am a fast learner and good with memorisation. I always wait till exams were approaching before I organise learning materials like my lecture notes and prepare for the exams. There have been instances that I had to learn through the whole night to prepare for a test due the following day. I worked more effectively under pressure than give enough room and space to work. I am very good with abstract thinking and always explore new ideas that were far beyond my imagination. I am good at taking risk and have an 80 percent success rate.

I however have a couple of weakness that I am aiming to turn them into strength. I am not very much of a public speaker it did affect me during my studies for my degree. I also find it difficult concentrating in a quiet environment am used to learning with music been played at the background and always find it hard learning in a library. Because I get to work effectively under pressure always get piles of work that I have to do that leaves me with no time for social outings. It also gets me depressed sometimes when I feel I have a lot to do with not enough time but at the end of the day, the work gets done and produce good results.