Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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CS113 Academic Strategies for the Business Professional
Unit 9 Career Action Plan Assignment

Name:Lisa Tannery Two-digit Section #:       -------------------------------------------------

Instructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 9 dropbox.

Develop your own Career Action Plan based on information you have gained in this course. Consider information from course readings, assignments, career research, the informational interview and the LASSI assessment. -------------------------------------------------

Career Action Plan:

Take some time to think seriously about where you would like to be in your career future and how you will get there. Once you have generated some ideas, complete the short-term and long-term information and respond to all items listed below:

Short-Term Career Goal (approximately 2 years or less):

Your short-term career goal should be a goal that you can realistically accomplish in approximately 2 years or less. Focus on a goal that will help you to reach the long-term career goal that you will be focusing on in the second part of your career action plan.

I. What is this career goal and why is it important to you (minimum five complete sentences)? I would like to accomplish for myself. At his point of career path, just need to find a job for myself to be able to provide for family. The economy is truly hard at this point. I have always worked since I was fifth teen years old; this has been my biggest challenge. At the time it was been a blessing, I have the chance to work on myself and spend more time with children. Also, have given myself the chance to continuing my education.

II. What skills and/or experiences do you have now that make you a good “fit” for this short-term goal (minimum five complete sentences)?

I have the skills from my previous employers; I have worked as a bank teller, data entry, hotel and hotel management. I have a strong background in customer service, also in the banking environment. I also have the knowledge of 10-key and 401 k plan research. I have a strong work ethic.

III. What skills and/or experiences will you need to gain in order to ensure that you will achieve this goal, and how will you gain these skills/experiences (minimum five complete sentences)?

I have obtained many classes to help myself to achieve my goal. I have attended resume classes to help myself with the proper knowledge to have the proper resume. Also, I have enrolled in school to prepare myself with the knowledge, with my degree this will back up my skills. I have attending classes on how to proper interview, also have use networking to my advantage.

IV. What are some of the obstacles or challenges you might encounter as you work towards achieving this goal? How will you respond to or strive to overcome these obstacles/challenges? What resources might be helpful (minimum five complete sentences)?

The obstacles and challenges that I have faced, is that I have the skills and knowledge to perform any job. The most challenges that I come across is that not having a degree. This has truly been my biggest obstacles. At this present time even if you have the knowledge, at degree confirms that you perform any task given by your employer. I have enrolled in school to achieve my college degree. This is the first step to achieve my goal.

V. What are some of the steps or ACTIONS you will need to complete in order to get your desired outcome (minimum three steps/actions)? Make sure to include a projected completion date for each step/action.

Step/Action Item + Completion Date #1:

Enroll in school July 15, 2012

Step/Action Item + Completion Date #2:

Receive my degree July 2014...
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