Academic Skills. Essay

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Personal Statement

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to write a few words about me and the program that I am eager to study.

I have been interested in Engineering since I was Ten years old, when my father took me to a military engineering design and repair shop where he worked as Engineer Assistant in West of Iraq. At that time and since then, I realized how useful and exciting it would be working as an engineer.

Academic skills have been an important consideration to me and to my family and I have a good understanding of them. I realised that technology is always changing since engineering has played a dominant role in every single detail in our daily life. I had always had a keen interest in electric engineering, so I decided to study electric engineering.

No wonder why this field of knowledge has attracted me you would imagine, it’s a challenging subject that’s cover a range of fields such as electricity, mining, machines and energy, also it will polish my academic skills and will provide me with the opportunity to develop skills in engineering area.

Tertiary study will influence my future as well as my family future. Besides, it will give me a chance for a better job, enhance my knowledge, and also will open the door for further studies.

After two years of full time study, I had the Advance Diploma in Oil Pumping and Turbine where I studied mathematic, English, computers, machines, fluid technology, industrial drawing and mining. The degree was successfully completed with a 74% GPA. Adding to that, I have a certificate in Administration Assistance, Certificate II in Logistic and Transport and currently studying Certificate IV in Warehouse Operations.

For three years and while still living in Iraq, I carried this passion to electric engineering. Thus I decided to run my own electrician shop in my home town. Although it was a small shop, for three years I managed successfully to run the business without being stopped...
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