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Topics: Generation Y, Generation X, Strauss and Howe Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Buleyeva Ainura
ID: 20072396
Instructor: David Williams
Generation Y is the best.
Today, in new era, there are fast growing generation that take a leading positions in the world, that is Generation Y or Millennials . New generation are smart, young and ambitious, “they could put on feet flip flops and come to the office or listen music on Ipods on their work place” (Armour, 2005, p.1). Armour (2005) states that Millennials have a pleasure from work, but do not want it becomes their life. On the other hand this generation want to delight from work and life, and life becomes first, there is no difference, they have no border between them (Hansen, n.d.). Nevertheless, today become new era and come time of new generation Y. The most differences that our society collides are not technological, wealth or racial but between dividing of generations, which have gaps (McCrindle, n.d.). Most of the parents of Millennials are Generation X or Boomers that have other values and way of thinking. In specific, most of parents of Generation Y put push on their children to be succeeding in future (Myers, Sadaghiani, n.d.). From the childhood, parents of Millennials prepare them for adult life, having active role in school, colleges and involvement in their first job in order to reach them a material and spiritual wealth (Myers, Sadaghiani, n.d.). It is a positive involvement in life of child, because of everyone in certain moment of life need advice from close person that direct in right way. There are many doubts about what are the influences on the values and views of the present generation. There are many guesses about it and one of them is peers and friends. Generation Y is seeking more just friendship, they want to be understood, respected, accepted (McCrindle, n.d.).By the research (McCrindle, n.d., p 2), the major factor influences of the choice of the teenager is the experiences of their core group of 3 to 8 people, they live by the community values rather than...
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