Academic Problems Encountered by Students

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The continuous learning of students through the help of books, professors and even internet is a mere fact which shows that knowledge still flourish in our humanity. Thus, different students have different views and ways of understanding such transmitted information and studies. Life as a student is said to be fun yet also stressful. Requirements, research works, reports and examinations abound student’s life especially during college verve.

Every student knows the terror of examination. Learners have borne the pallor of midnight cramming and struggled through the anxiety before and the forced euphoria after their baptism by fire. There are probably more mental breakdowns on campus because of certain phobias and circumstances.

These said breakdowns and problems of the students can be detected through examinations. Behavior therapy literature is replete with studies that report success in desensitizing people to the fear of exams.

School is really a major hurdle for most families. When children succeed there, everyone is happy; but when they bring their failures home with them, parents relive their own childhood frustration with education. Such academic problems should be recognized and should also be given proper attention to aid students.

The researchers of this study are concerned in finding out the major academic tribulations of the students specifically the BSA 1B students of LPU-Batangas campus.

Review of Related literature

This research is established for seeking the differentconcepts regarding the reasons why the respondents attained low grades on their academic subjects. Academic problems as we all know are the principal problem encountered by most students.

Students in any given era have encountered problems relative to academic matters which may include coping time schedule, financial resources, instructions and maintenance of passing grades. These concerns may affect student performance in school. Researchers had looked into these matters to determine the factors leading to these problems and to discover prospective solutions.

“Some students have clear evidence that they are doing poorly in school; they receive low grades on exams or other course work. Other just suspect or fear that they are doing poorly. For example, they may have difficulties understanding reading assignments, or they may feel confused by instructor’s lectures.” (

One thing that may affect students in their study is how their teachers share their knowledge. The student might not be attentive to their classes because of how the teacher delivers himself. According to Paul Corby (1970), “Educators must keep up with research on topics such as the effectiveness of different teaching strategies or programs to deal with special student problems.” With the effectively and efficiency of the educators, the student will learn enthusiastically.

As stated in the study of Aspen education regarding Failing in school-Underachieving adolescents-Academics, there is a cycle in school failure:

“Poor grades---Negative reaction by teachers and parents---Drop in self-esteem---Struggle to catch up---Worse grades---Teachers begin to ‘give up’ on the child---another drop in self-esteem---Apathy---worse grades… Failing in school can lead to social impairment if the child is held back, economic impact if the child drops out or cannot continue his or her education, and emotional impact as the cycle of failure diminishes adolescents’ self-esteem.”

BVU education has enumerated some reasons college students experience academic failures which includes: motivation, inadequate time management, study skills, social distractions, learning disabilities, substance...
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