Academic Performance of Overseas Filipino Workes School Children

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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A Thesis

Presented to

The Faculty of the Graduate School


In Partial Fulfillment
of The Requirements for The Degree
Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision


Jeanilen T. Salubon
March 2014

Background of the Study
The academic performances of pupils differ, depending on the kind of environment they are in. One of the factors that the educators should look into is to fulfill their commitment to the school and society. Teachers should be aware of the socio-economic status of the pupils which is an important aspect in helping the pupils in their total development. Some school children whose parents are an Overseas Filipino Workers and the distance from their parents is of great factor affecting their studies. Pupils come to school also with varied degrees of intelligence, different environment, exposure and economic backgrounds. These factors may affect pupil academic performances. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) sacrifices themselves to separate from their homes in order to sustain the basic needs of his/her family members. Home is the most important areas to be accounted for in understanding the life of a pupil, wherein a family sets an environment for the child depending upon its financial status, its educational attainment, interest, standard and moral values. These will determine success or failure of children in school, as teachers, he should have deeper insights into the different socio-economic indicators such as the main occupation of the parents, monthly combined family income, dependency burden and health status of the family which may directly or indirectly affect academic achievement of the pupils. The feeling of the pupils to attain a better academic achievement maybe affected by their parents socio- economic...
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