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Unit 46- Academic Literacy
Task One

Topic One, Sexual Health Services Cut.

Source One, (Guardian, 2012)
The format of this source was in the style of a newspaper article which had clear bold headlines, but not a large enough size to attract your attention although the headlines did highlight the purpose of the article. The font was used continuously throughout the article and kept at a similar size. The audience was mainly aimed towards the public, with an informal tone used as no jargon was used and also no terminology used in order to make it harder to understand, therefore simpler language was used, which best fit the tone used with the audience it was aimed at. With the argument of the author being about the cuts being made in the sexual health services such as Family Planning (FPA) and Brook, the argument clearly stresses the concern at the higher statistics of young people with catching Sexual Transmitted Infections and pregnancy. The Article only contained one image which promoted contraception, showing what kind of services are offered in both Brook and FPA. The language used was in a sense of concern and anxiety with words like “vulnerable” (Williams, 2012) being used, which suggests that concern is being raised. With the lack of statistics and facts used I was not as convinced as I could have been , having said that the articles use of language made it easier to understand so the language used best fit the audience intended. The argument was convincing as it did make me realize the importance of the sexual health services, but as said before, if facts and statistics were included the argument would have been enhanced into an excellent argument.

Source Two, (NHS, 2011)
The format of this source was a webpage. The webpage consisted of bold subheadings in which split up the text in to an easier clearer article. With the subheadings splitting up the page, the headline does not stand out as such as the subheadings, which are the same size, although the headline is in a different colour. The font used was the same size throughout the webpage article which made it difficult to read as it just looked like a long piece of text. Concluding to this, the font colour was of a standard colour of grey; this also made the text harder to read as it did not look as interesting as it could have been. The audience was aimed at young people. This is evident through the subheadings used and the informal use of language which is used throughout the article, for example one of the subheadings read ‘You can get an STI if you have sex only once’ with this being one of the subheadings it is evident that the article is aimed towards young people because it is answering questions to unaware young people. With the purpose of the webpage article being to inform young people about the importance of sexual health the article is highly informative with facts and statistics being shown for the risks of catching an STI between the ages of 16 and 24. The webpage article contained one simple image of a young person, but in this article it also contained a video detailing what each STI is and how it is treated. Having using this in the article, it has improved the article by accurately making sure the purpose to inform is met. With the lack of irrelevant images used the article could have been improved by having images around what STIs can do to make the audience realize the damage it could cause. With the great use of facts and statistics, it did have evidence to the lack of knowledge that young people have. With facts and statistics the article was convincing as it made me realize the importance of sexual health.

Topic Two, Bowel Cancer Screening

Source One, (Cancer Research UK)
The format of this source is in the style of a leaflet which is clearly titled “Bowel Cancer Screening”( Research UK, 2012). The leaflet itself consists of an orange title page to attract the eye. Although the title was not in bold to catch orange and...
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