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Topics: Oral hygiene, Dental caries, Dental floss Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Maintaining proficeint oral hygiene through the prosedure of brushing and flossing can be expostulated as one of the most effective methods of preventing dental caries, but the above mentioned methods are not the only methods used to prevent dental caries. As for most of the people, having proficeint oral hygiene is not the first thing that arises thier thourghts when they are informed on having a healthy diet (1). This essay relates to brushing and floosing in particular as for touching up and also mentioning other possible ways to prevent dental caries. The factors that cause dental caries are the interraction of host, environment and agent (2: 7). The term "preventive" is used throughout the essay and, unless otherwise stated, this refers to someting that is acting as an obstacle towards preventive measures. Human diet and dental caries

Dental caries are a tooth disease caused by the complex interaction of food, they occur when plaque synthesises with the sugars and starches of the food that we eat. This plaque bacteria produces acids that causes demineralisation of enamel and enzymes that attack the protein content of the tooth. If left untreated, this bacteria ultimately leads to the formation of deep cavities and bacterial infection of the pulp chamber and the pulp chamber contains blood vessels and nerves (3). Teeth that are painful and decayed inhibit mastication and can somehow lead to dietry changes, which could inturn cause nutritional and digestive disorders. it has been a proven fact that a high incidence of caries is normally, in all cases, found in persons using high carbohydrates in their diets (2: 13). This causes a high concernatration of acid, high enough to decalcify the enamel. The eating habits of an individual also has a big influence on the cause of caries. Sugar is a risk factor for various illnesses and it is used throughout all of the differrent food consumptions that are taken in by our systems in our daily bases, these...
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