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Academic Honesty 8

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In this the subject to compare is with prior students about online academic dishonesty. Evidence shows that online academic dishonesty is nonexistent, but as I stated in the beginning there is no direct interaction between the student and teachers. People believe that this will invite more cheating than in a traditional classroom. In a survey done it is believed that when it comes down to cheating there are two categorizes. The categorizes are planned and panic cheating (Bunn, Caudill & Gropper, 1992). The planned cheating occurs when you copy homework, plagiarize a paper and make crib notes for test. Panic cheating occurs when you do not plan to cheat but find yourself lost for an answer and you look at someone else’s paper. Online cheating may less likely develop because students usually do not meet one another. They are all over the United States and if by chance a couple of students lived in the same area it would be rare for them to meet. I feel that with the panic and planned cheating you are more likely to run into panic cheating online. I think students might do searches to obtain ideas about what they would write on anassignment. Planned cheating would be more for a face- to- face classroom feel that either way is wrong. People need to do their own work and not copy someone else. I understand that sometime you might have to quote something but just remember to put the name of the person(s) who said what you are writing. This will give them credit, and remember to use your references. Keywords search: Academic Honesty Online

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