Academic Goals.

Question: Should States be permitted to establish different academic goals based on a student’s race or ethnicity?
Ever since America became a nation people have been trying to fight for their rights. Setting proficiency goals based on their race or ethnicity is a step backwards in our society. If this was permitted it would expand the ethnicity gap between groups. In addition it may propose an opposite effect on the results, of the academic performance of students. Lastly this policy enhance stereotypes already present and will only make it worse.

In Florida the achievement passing goals are set as follows: 90% for Asian students, 88% for whites, 81% for Hispanics and 74% for blacks. How did Florida decide the percentages for each race? A possible answer for this is that Florida is elaborating on stereotypes already present. This is taking stereotypes into consideration because by saying that Asians are expected to pass at a 90% rate is suggesting that they are smarted than any other race. Why is Asian the smarter race? This isn’t based on their actual observations and testes already conducted. Not to mention this is discrimination against races, you are not giving everyone the same opportunity and future. Florida is not considering that by enabling these students in high standards it is hurting them in the long run. If they decide to further their knowledge they will not be qualified for their field, although it would be their decision to attend.

Moreover permitting proficiency goals to be based on race and ethnicity would have the opposite effects on the students academic results. Instead of minorities wanting to excel and be good they would slack off because that is what is expected by them. This same thing happens here at LB where a 60 grade is given to any student regardless of their work ethic. This point of mentality goes into the students head as: Why bother if the lowest grade I can receive is a 60. However this doesn’t only effect Hispanics...
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