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GAC002 Assessment Event 4: Academic Research Essay

Compare and contrast: Journeys and Travel

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GAC002 AE#4

Catherine Wang


Question: When visiting a foreign country, some people like to travel alone, while others prefer to go on an organized tour. Compare and contrast these two choices.

Nowadays, travel is becoming more and more popular for relaxing. Also, there are several ways you can choose. Organized traveling and traveling alone are the two most popular ways. And both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Let‟s have a further look at their similarities and differences to find the most effective way to get a satisfying and fascinating journey.

No matter what kind of method you want to choose, you can taste the joy that traveling gives. There is no limit about who do you want to travel with, when do you want to spend your leisure time on trips, or where do you want to go to find out culture and history there. Different ways of traveling just offer different types that suit different people. You should choose the one that is appreciate to you.

Time management is very important for a trip. A good plan can not only save a lot of time but is able to bring you real enjoyment, as well. The time management of these two is essential. If you choose to travel alone, you can make a unique and suitable plan including all the places and views that you would like to visit. However, an organized trip has to consider a group‟s needs, so it is hard to satisfy everyone completely. This is the main reason why the number of tourists who traveling alone is increasing recently (Tianjin teenager traveling agency 2012). What‟s more, traveling alone has more free time instead of being in a hurry all the time as in


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GAC002 AE#4

Catherine Wang


an organized trip. It is really good to make a...
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