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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Persuasion: People and Society

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane” (Martin Luther King, Jr.). Do you agree with this statement? Write an essay persuading readers of your point of view. Support your arguments with evidence from appropriate sources.

There are many inequalities in modern society, and unequal health care is one of the worst kinds of injustice. The health care inequity in the world is associated with each country imbalanced distribution of economic resources and social resources. Because of this, most people can’t get complete health care rights from government, so it’s unprofitable for each country to mend people’s well-being. Owing to the urban-and-rural discrepancies of health care conditions, inequalities parallel with different social classes on receiving medical care, and big cooperation involving monetary and medical issues have an impact of human’s health rights, so it’s the most shocking and inhumane problem that people should think about it.

Because unequal health care does exist, it will widen the gap between countryside and city. Increasing numbers of data of comparison between city and countryside on and from China has been made virtual since the threshold of reform thirty years ago. For example, the percentage of population coverage of health insurance of city was 64.8 until the 2008, and the percentage of population coverage of health insurance of countryside was 89.4 until the 2008(Hougaard, J. L& Osterdal, L. P& Yu, L. 2008). After Mao’s polity of reform and opening in China, Chinese health care has become more thorough than before. More individuals received benefits from Chinese reform and opening. Such as national staff could pay for free of health care, and some workers’ health care was cared by Chinese government. These changes were after Mao’s reform of China. During recent decades, Chinese health care system has gradually become faulty (Shenglan, T...
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