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Topics: Mind, Perception, Game Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: March 4, 2013
(Listing ) Wii Vs Real games
Technology effect
Fancy world instead of real
Supernatural feelings of power instead of natural
Abnormal stimulation of human sense organs instead of normal Promotes unrealistic and abstract patterns of mind
Less physical benefits and more apt to time wastage
Constantly growing passion amongst youngsters
Wii games are relatively easy to learn, one can master a game in comparative lesser a time Often Unhealthy to our minds comparing with real ones, which are necessary to keep us calm and less intense. Harmful effects on eyes and ears

Real games keep our body functions fit
Gives a healthy and less intense mind
Help us digest our foods
Real sustainable joy
Healthy and entertaining activity
Real sports resources and virtual resources

Essay Writing ( based on above listing*)
Sports serve two motives, they are the source of entertainment, and they stimulate us to combat one another and strive hard to get at some desired goals we want to achieve. Also, this definition can be deemed fine only when we are not confused at any degree with the conventional understanding and perception of the term ‘Games’ or ‘Sports’. The moment we start trying to categorize the subject in question into virtual and real scenarios, their motives however turn out to be unlikely there and then. Though, to the eye of a thin observer they may still remain the same, but they are not in actuality! Wii games don’t serve the same motives as do real ones because of their being unrealistic in nature, their undesirable effects to our body organs, and the cluttered virtual atmosphere they normally engage us in. First of all, wii games are quite unrealistic in nature. They can not promote in us any feasible passion to pursue our desired goals and achieve them somewhere to boot unlike almost all real-world games. As wii games are made up of animated characters that can be manipulated all easily to serve...
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