Academic Dismissal Essay

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During my first semester at TSU, I encountered a couple of unexpected problems which affected my academic progress. The most severe problems were studying and procrastination. Graduating from high school with a high B average, I never saw studying an issue. I went into the university with the naivety that college would be just like high school with the exception of more freedom. I was wrong. Alongside my lack of studying, came procrastination. Standing in this new surrounding, I was eager and curious to try everything out and indulge in new experiences. I was more interested in socializing than getting my work done. This led me to putting school work aside and prioritizing horribly. I lost focus. I totally underestimated the criticalness of balancing academics with personal life. I was working two jobs and attempting to go to school full-time. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but it’s definitely NOT for me. Getting off work late at night contributed to my over sleeping and drowsiness during school hours. University 2020 is my earliest class on Mondays. It’s not as bad as having an eight o’clock class, but with my lack of sleep, it sure does feel like it. With my jobs and extra-curricular activities, I was overwhelmed.

As a first generation student to attend any institute of higher education, I have pushed myself to do better. I’ve picked up some very handy study routines and quickly diminished the growing procrastination habit. A colleague of mine told me that about fifty percent of the students I hung out with would not be attending TSU next fall. I never thought I’d see the day when I could possibly be a part of that percentage. I was blessed with a wonderful opportunity to achieve more, and I never took advantage of available services and resources around me. I am determined to do things differently the second time around.

I’ve spoken to several academic advisors and other counselors to devise a plan that could lead me to my right...
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