Academic Dishonesty Is Unfair Practices Happen in Educational Institution.

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Education, Cheating Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty is unfair practices happen in educational institution. Cheating during the exam, copying some words or even pages from any sources without replacing with other sentences or following APA writing regulation are the example of deception in education world. It has become a bad culture that really ingrained on the students’ hearts so, it makes billion schools, universities and other educational institutions all over the world has a huge concerned on this issue at the moment. Unwillingness to be an honest person, technology improvement and inability to manage the time are the main reasons for students to do this academic misconduct.

To begin with, the main problem that educational institutions face nowadays is unwillingness to be an honest person especially for students. Young generation of the globalization era is starting not to deserve the integrity of competing fairly. On the other hand, they are only upholding their prestige eventhough, they have to accomplish it by a “shortcut way”. Finally, both being a liar and also cheating all the time become students’ habit or even more, it makes those poor characters to be a culture as the result.

In May 31, 1961, a wonderful innovation technology which connects people all over the world called Internet has been established by the first communication of Interface Message Processor between Leonard Kleinrock’s research center at University of California at Los Angeles and Douglas Engelbart’s center at the Stanford Research Institute (Internet History – One Page Summary, n.d.). Nowadays, it is used as one of the most efficient tools for students to create a modern dishonest practice for example, when they are having some assignments; they try to find the same question including the answer itself. They use many search engine media such as Google and Yahoo!, copy-paste some writings there and claim it as their answer without quotation or citation as written in APA...
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