Academic and Social Interaction Skills

Topics: Ethnic groups, Ethnic group, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1746 words) Published: January 3, 2013
In working with children in the after school activity program , I have five children which are eight years old that come on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for academic and social interaction skills. When the children first arrive for the first hour we work on their academics within a group. For the last hour we work on their social skills, working on crafts, playing games, and going outside to play outdoor games. On a sunny Monday morning I decide to take the children out for free play to watch how they interact with one another. Miranda one of the little girls within the group comes over to me crying. When I asked her what was wrong she stated that two of the other little girls named, Kiana and Vanessa will not play with her due to she does not look like them. I feel this is due to Miranda being of a different ethnic group as Kiana and Vanessa. In thinking about each girl and their families, I understand that Miranda is from a different ethnic group than Kiana and Vanessa. When the girls are at home, Kiana’s parents speak openly about their dislikes of other ethnic groups. Also, Kiana feels she should not play with Miranda due to how her mother speaks negatively about all other ethnic backgrounds. As for Vanessa she is a follower and just plays with others that will let her be part of the group. Vanessa’s family apparently does not speak about how you should treat others within her home. Miranda’s is a little girl that wants to be accepted and play with the other girls that are in the after school program, her family as well does not speak ill of other ethnic groups. In working with these children and having an understanding that a family speaks wrongly about another ethnic group and their child Kiana will not play with someone that is from a different ethnic group. In dealing with this type of issue in working with children I will plan all my activities around diversity. When planning the activities I will plan for each child to take turns in pairing up with one...
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