Academic and Creative Writing

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Write a 4 page essay comparing and contrasting academic writing and creating writing. One of the great things about the English language is that with its various modes of structure and the wide variety of nuance that can be utilized, there are almost as many styles and sub-genres of writing as there are writers who ply it as a trade. It goes without saying, or rather it should to anyone who has ever studied writing and/or literature, that practically each and every publication from the tiniest of fanzines distributed to only its own particular devotees, all the way to the widest circulated and august periodicals each have their own style and expected linguistic parameters to be followed. Exercises for the express purpose of demonstrating how well, or inadequately, a student is progressing in their chosen field should be even more rigorous. Just like any other form of academic writing, the basis of creative writing is to come up with a theme. The aim of creative essay writing should be to convey a given idea or message in a creative manner. A creative essay writer should strive towards making the essay subject as interesting as possible. The main reason for this is to capture the essay readers’ attention and give them the urge to read the creative writing essay papers. The perception of a given idea is changed through making the subject of creative writing essay extremely interesting and intriguing. There are several elements associated with creative writing essays. One of the key elements is for the writer to ensure that the creative writing essay narrates or tells a story. Hence, creative writing essays should make use of narratives and several other elements that are used in fictional works. Examples of the elements include the use of characters, themes, plots and many other stylistic devices.

The other point that one should remember is that creative writing essays have to be reflect on  a given aspect or issue. This implies that for quality creative writing essay, a writer has to have adequate knowledge and understanding of the topic or subject. It is essential to formulate an idea or opinion of the subject matter before the actual creative writing. One characteristic of creative writing essay is that it makes use of a form of writing that is less academic. Despite this fact, writers are advised to pay extra attention to grammar and punctuations in creative writing essays. Intriguing twists and turns should be identified so that they can be used in creative writing essays. These are what make academic writing essays to grab the attention of readers and be more intriguing. The structure of creative writing essays is that they have to have a logical structure and an easy flow of ideas. Just like any other types of academic essays, creative writing essays should have an introduction, body paragraphs and finally the conclusion.

On the other hand, creative writing, on the surface, is more a free form exercise that need follow no set restrictions save grammar, punctuation, and, well, good taste. Although, to be quite honest, any of these can be sacrificed if, in fact, the purpose of the creation at hand is to be determined by these factors. Creative writing itself can be taught in much the same manner as the more rigid academic styles even though, by definition, creative writing is simply that: a means of expression that usually follows no binding or structured guidelines. However, in order to instruct or explain the varied differences inherent in the very creative nature of, *ahem* creative writing, certain aspects must be differentiated and, hopefully, explained. Therefore, when assigning creative writing projects, instructors will invariably focus on particular aspects inherent within the creative process.

Then, the academic writing, although depending upon the subject at hand being , although many of these have been and will continue to be perpetrated as such in the pursuit of same. Is normally structured...
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