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The Academic Advisement Process at The College of New Rochelle Tamika Fenton
The College of New Rochelle, School of New Resources
Only few students view academic advising as a meaningful and a positive outcome way of collage and universities. An academic advisor can assist student to select classes, help them to plan their major, guide about the graduation requirements, universities or collages policies and look into internship and procedures. Academic advisors can be a really helpful for students to achieve their goals on time if students come in once a semester to meet his or her advisor to go over his or her courses and plans for the future. The advisement process at The College of New Rochelle is a very simplistic one. First, the student goes to financial aid to be cleared to take classes by making sure there is enough in their account to cover the tuition of the amount of credits wanted. Then the student goes to see their advisor to talk about the classes they want to take for the semester. The advisor's job is to make sure that the student has the prerequisites needed to take the courses desired. The student and the advisor discuss what classes are needed to graduate. Also, the advisor is responsible for making sure that the student is on the right track to graduate and is cleared for any classes that are required. The student fills out the advisement form and the advisor signs off on it The form is then sent to administration to be entered into the system. I believe that the advisement process at CNR can be greatly improved with some minor adjustments. One of my major complaints I hear from students is access to advisors. Most of the advisement staff are also professors and hold other titles within the CNR community. At other institutions, the advisement staff is strictly there to advise students on their academic journey. That is their sole role. I...
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