Acacia Seed as Insecticide

Topics: Acacia, Extract, Insecticide Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: February 23, 2013
An Investigatory Project
To be Submitted to the Science
In Partial Fulfillment of the Course
Submitted To:
Mrs. Kristine A. Torres
Submitted By:
Paolo Apostol
Rommel Armenta
Rovina Mae Balbuena
Hayna Rose Baretto
Aina Beatrice Basilio

February 28, 2013

Insecticidal Property of
Acacia Seeds and Bark
Against Termites

The researchers need to create an insecticide by getting the extracts of acacia seeds as well as the extracts of its bark. For the experiment, they will be needing 30 pieces of acacia seeds, acacia bark, sprayer, colander and stove. Those bark and seeds will be placed on a colander. The colander will then be placed on a stove. For the testing of the insecticide, they need a container at least ten termites that is covered with screen. If there are no termites, ants will be alternative. They need to boil the barks and seeds, get the extract and transfer it into a sprayer. First, the bark will be put on a colander because it’s so tough to be boiled. Then wait for minutes until the extract released on the sample. Next, put the acacia seeds on the same container and boil until the seeds almost crushed to small pieces. Lastly, let the mixture cooled first before it transfers into a sprayer. It’s better if the seeds will be also put into the sprayer for more effective results. After that, the insecticide is now ready to be test and be sprayed on the termites. The researchers will now record the observations. MATERIALS:



INSECTICIDE WITH 5 PIECES OF SEEDS ONLY| Nothing Happen on the termites| INSECTICIDE WTIRH 1O PIECES OF SEEDS| There’s something happen on the termites but not all of them died immediately.| INSECTICIDE WITH 15 PIECES OF SEEDS| The termites died at a short period of time. And others also died...
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