Abusive Father

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Chapter For The Abusive Father

1- Mom Leaving Family- 7.5 pages
2- Hits Monique- 9 pages
3- Realize Bruises- 7.5 pages
(Note: 4 and over need more pages ASAP.)
4- Didn’t Come To School- 4 pages
5- “Daddy please stop!”- 2.5 pages
6- No More From Him- 2 pages
7- “I won’t do it anymore, I promise.” 2.5 pages
8- Lie Happens Again- 2 pages
9- “I’m scared to tell him no.”- 2.5 pages
10- Stop or Cops- 6 pages
11- Dying- 3 pages
12- Secret- 7.5 pages
13- Sister Visit-
14- “I can’t stop.”
16- Lie & Believe It
17- “Why me?”
18- Monique’s Death/”I forgive you.”
19- The Future

Chapter 1: Mom Leaving Family
Monique and Jessica were sleeping until they heard their parents arguing in the living room. Jessica got up out of bed and walked to her sister’s bed scared. She started to wake her up. Paulella woke up and looked at her sister being tired.

“Jessica you okay?” Paulella asked her.
Jessica nodded no and wiped her tears off with her hands. Paulella wiped her eyes.
“What’s wrong? Why did you wake me up this early sis?” Paulella asked.
“Mommy and daddy are fighting.” Jessica told her while pointing at the door.
Paulella looked at the door confused while hearing them arguing. Paulella got up out of bed while they both hold hands walking to the door. The opened up the door a little bit for both of them to see what was going on.

“I don’t have anything to say to you. You turned into a nightmare that I didn’t expect.” Christina said being ashamed of him.
“You turned into a know it all girl that I don’t like.” Antonio diss back at her.
“I’m a know it all girl Tony? Christina asked while pointing her finger at her chest.
“You heard me.” Antonio answered quickly.
“No say it again then. If you’re not scared. I’m a know it all?” Christina asked him again demanding him for an answer.
“Technically, yeah you are.” Tony got back at her with.
“How am I acting like that?” Christina wanted to know.
“You think what I do is not good for the family. And everything you do is. Well guess what, it’s not true.” Tony told her getting angry.
“The only reason why I said that is because you barely get to spend time with your wife and kids.” Christina said getting frustrated.
“I do see my kids when they need me. I get money. That’s why I bought this house for my family.” Antonio responded.
“You act like I don’t do anything in this house. I do work in the ER. So we both bought this house, together.” Christina said.
“I can’t take this no more, I’m leaving.” Antonio told her getting angry.
But Christina grabbed his arm and he looked at her funny.
“You’re not going anywhere. We need you. You can’t just walk out on us. If you do, then you’re not a real man.” Christina told him upset.
“Get your damn hands off me. Don’t ever touch me like-.” Antonio yelled while getting her arm off him but he was interrupted.
They both looked at their kids. Tears were running down Jessica’s and Paulella’s eyes. Their father walked up to them and kneed down to them. He wiped their tears off with his hand while trying to have them stop crying calmly.

“Please don’t cry. Y’all are my beautiful babies. Some parents have to go through these things like this. That’s how marriages are sometimes.” Antonio tried talking to them like he cared about his kids.

“Are you going to leave us?” Jessica asked her father.
“Daddy might have to leave for a while so things can get better.” Their father revealed to them.
“Will you come back?” Paulella asked him.
He looked at her and Jessica. Then looked at their hands and kiss them, and hold them tightly. He looked back up at them.
“Yes. I will never leave my kids behind. That’s a promise from me to you both.” Tony told them and gave them a kiss on their forehead.
“You don’t have to lie to the girls for them to get happy.” Christina said getting mad at him for lying.
Antonio got so frustrated that he put the girls back in the room and shut the door...
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