Abuse Reporting

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Abuse Reporting Paper

In 1962 the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare’s Children’s Bureau, now known as Health and Human Services, began to develop measures to protect children from abuse, neglect and mistreatment by establishing the procedure and framework for reporting abuse and developing the laws and regulations governing the prevention, education and protective actions enforced in the arena of child abuse. By 1967, state laws were established requiring professionals and public agencies of the mandatory requirement for care professionals to report alleged or suspected abuse. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA; 42 U.S.C. Chapter 5101-5106) which became law in 1974 continues to serve as the key piece of legislation in child protection and also has played a key part in assisting in the development of protective laws for abused adults and those who are incapacitated by disability or agedness.

All fifty states have distinct statutory codes related to children and adult abuse reporting and specific regulations regarding who is required to report by law . The statutes in all of fifty states , the District of Columbia, and outlying U.S. territories detail the specifics of reporting duties to service agencies or law enforcement. There is also detailed explanation regarding the consequences of neglecting or failing to report alleged or suspected abuse by professionals and how private citizens are immune from prosecution in what is considered good faith reporting. Most states identify individuals who work for state agencies and in professions or programs which serve minors or at risk adults, such as the elderly and disabled, as Mandated Reporters regarding suspected cases of abuse. Although the list of those required by state and federal law is expansive, there is no legal requirement for individual private citizens to report abuse; the decision is left to their individual moral and ethical position. Private Citizens are immune from...
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