Abuse of Political Power

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  • Published : March 9, 2011
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Abuse of power
Power is the ability or authority to control people and events, whether it is economically or politically. In modern society people are vested power by a democratic election. In many cases leaders, mostly due to financial gain, abuse the power that they are given. Another influence on power and democracy is “easy money”. Big contracts and business deals, as well as the entertainment industry allow people to get instant fortunes and many of these young millionaires use this “new money” to bribe politicians and buy political systems. Many of these young entertainers and businessmen that get money and power very quickly don’t know how to manage their money and their authority. A lot of political leaders, like Ida Amin, abuse the power that they have been voted into. Some leaders are voted into power democratically and then change the constitution or don’t allow their citizens to vote for other parties so that they stay in power for as long as they can for example, Robert Mugabe. In this way they abuse their authority and can affect a country socially and economically. At present the world is controlled by the superpowers that, through media and propaganda, can have a huge influence and impact on people around the world. They have the most nuclear weapons, the largest armies and the most resources to fund an invasion. These superpowers, namely America, China, Russia, France and England, basically control the UN, because for any mission of the UN to be approved, all of the “big five “have to approve and vote in favor. This is a problem because the UN is supposed to be the organization that stops people from abusing their power, but ironically the UN is controlled by the United States of America. The USA supplies most of the funding to the UN. Due to the “big five” law, most of the time the UN does nothing to stop political leaders abusing their power. Leaders should be trustworthy, honest, intelligent people, because they are voted into power as the...
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