Abul Khair Steel

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Executive Summary of the Company

“ABUL KHAIR STEEL” (AKS) is the one of the organization of “ABUL KHAIR GROUP”. It started its journey in 1993 at Feni primarily by purchasing the MEB’s ‘Tammanna Steel Mills’. Then it setup its factory at Madambibirhat in 1998. Since then it has been catering the needs of its customers very sincerely.

All production facilities are built with state of art technology incorporating latest digital drives and automation process controls, automatic gauge controls and customized automatic elongation control to ensure length in meters per metric ton as per customer’s need.

At Abul Khair Steel, the aim is to ensure that the customer’s requirements are met and this means providing them with the materials that most closely match their specific needs and value for money.

Product specification:
Cold Rolled Steel Coils and Sheets Full Hard Quality, as per JIS G3141 SPCC1B and equivalent International Standards. The product is also available as per customer’s specification. Thickness Range:0.11-0.50 mm

Width :750-1000 mm
Coil Weight : 2.0-9.0 MT
Coil I.D.: 508 mm
Length of the Sheet:3048 mm max.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils & Sheets (plain & corrugated) as per JIS G3302 & equivalent International Standards. The product is also available as per customers’ specifications. Zinc Coating : 100 to 275 gms/sqm

Base Metal : 0.11-0.50 mm
GP Sheet Width : 750-1000 mm
Length of GP or : 3048 mm max.
GC Sheet
Quality : Hard Quality

Production Process:

Mine Iron Slab H.R. Coil C.R. Coil

GPI GCI In the factory AKS uses two methods of production:

Sheet to sheet
Continuous galvanizing line
“Our customers never are less than fully satisfied- that is our continuing commitment and we will be the quality leader in the industry.”

Mission statement:
“Abul Khair Steel always cares and sincerely serves the needs of its customers and seeks to accomplish this in a manner that contributes to the development and growth of its stakeholders and to the goals of countries and communities in which it operates.”

Company Objectives:
The company’s mission needs to be turned into detailed supporting objectives for each level of management. Each manager should have objectives and be responsible for reaching them.

Financial objectives:
1. To achieve 15% return on equity.
2. To achieve a return on asset (ROA) of 10% per year.
3. Earn an annual rate of return on investment (ROI) over the next five years of 12% after taxes.
4. Produce net profits 320 million Tk. in 2004-05.
5. Increase the inventory turnover rate by 15% within next 2005.

Marketing Objectives:
Generate sales by 15% or by 900 metric tonnes in the North Bengal within June 2005. Increase awareness at Rajshahi by 20% within June 2005.
Generate sales revenue of 320 million Tk. in 2004-2005 fiscal years. Modify the market by targeting the contractors and real estate businessman for encouraging the use of GCI in the construction and fencing thus the sales can be generated by 15% within 2005. Generate sales in the Middle East market by 10% in 2005.

Competitive advantages:
The key to wining and keeping customers is to understand their needs and buying process better competitors do and to deliver more value. To the extent, that a company can position itself as providing superior value to selected target markets its gains competitive advantage.

Abul Khair Steel is the leading company is GCI market with having the highest market share (35%) and gaining the highest net profit of 280million tk. in the last fiscal year (2009-2010), which is 80 million, more than its nearer competitors (PHP)....
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