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Abul Hasan

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Introduction of a entrepreneur
Hazi Abdul Malek: Hazi malek group of industries
Early life:
Here is a person who has much contribution for the economic development and welfare of society. He is hazi Abdul malek. Hazi malek was born at Matlab in the district of Chandpur. His father’s name was Maulavi Cherag ali, and mothers name was Hafeja khatun. Maulavi cherag ali was an aristocratic religious person and a renound social worker. Hazi Malek was the third amomg the four sons and two daughters of this parents. Cherag Ali inherited some property from his father, but was not enough to run their family with solvency. As such Hazi Malek has work hard for livelihood from his childhood and could feel the distressed condition of poor. Hazi Malik learnt his religious education and values from his family. These religious lesson helped him to built his integrity and ideal. The formal education of Abdul Malek was very short. He studied up to class four and did not continue due to economic hardship. The poor economic condition howover could not stop his effot and expectation. He inherited the love of human beings,the lesson of sacrifice and strive for success to overcome barriers in life. These lesson made Hazi Abdul Malek a successful entrepreneur and a good philanthropist. Hazi Malek was a boy with strong commitment. From his childhood he always thought of doing business in his area but his family discouraged this idea. When the 2nd world war broke out, the members of his family became more vulnerable to poverty. At this time, like other region of Bangladesh, Comilla had serious unemployed problem and food shortage crisis. He moved to another district Chittagong in 1945 at the age of 10. But he had to back to his village. After returning he took initiative to start a grocery shop at their local bazaar. This shop acted as pillar of strength in his future life. Professional life:

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