Absurdity in the Mythical and Existential Worldviews

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Absurdity in the Mythical and Existential Worldviews

Presented to:
Paul Catanu

Presented by:
Marley Chase
Classical and Contemporary Worldviews
Section # 345-102

Champlain College, St. Lambert
November 23rd, 2012

Humans have been searching for the answer to life for centuries. Worldviews like the Mythical and Existential emerged and were built on with the ideas of several philosophers. Great minds like Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre have attempted to explain the ultimate meaning of existence. Fully understanding the meaning of the universe and an individuals existence will never be achieved because the absurdity in relation to humans and the universe can never be explained in entire certainty. The following will explain the presence of absurdity in both the Mythical and Existential Worldviews and the similarities and discuss differences between them.

The Mythical Worldview is often described as primative or irrational since it predates the development of science and rationality. The theme of the absurd can be observed in the Mythical Worldview. Time isn’t important in the mythical worldview because it is something that is ongoing. Humans are animals, aniamals are nature the Gods are what is controlling nature. An individuals meaning for life is determined usually by a system of legendary stories that explains why things occur. Gods are considered the beings that control the nature of the universe. In Camus’ esaay The Myth of Sysiphus, Sisyphis is doomed to pushing a rock up a hill for the rest of eternity by the Gods because to punish him for angering them. Sisyphus realizes it is man vs. the universe. He is protrayed as a metaphyscial rebel because of his decision to live with the absurd wwhen suicide is a way to face it. Humans are seeking the meaning of what it is to be human and what value the actions and decisions they make have on life itslef. Finding no...
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