Abstracts of a Project

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Abstracts of a project

This research investigates the impact of social media towards among students of Community College. 50 copies of questionnaire, separated in four parts of impacts effect on relationship, physically and mentally healthy, change of communication and social activities. We mainly focused those impacts from social media on teenagers. The information is collected form questionnaire, printed and online books periodicals and electronic sources.

The findings of the first part reveal most of the students have same definition of social media. The majority of respondents admit that they mainly connected with friends met offline when using social media. Generally, students agreed that social media can improve their friendship and increase inter-action with family members.

The finding of the second part shows that a large number of students used text message and emoji for communication on the social media platform. The result also suggests that largest proportion of respondents is trend to voice chat and face-to-face communication rather than using social media.

The findings of the third part reveal most students think the most important reason for using social media is easy to connect with others. A majority of the respondents would join activities or gathering through social media. Generally, the students know that creating activities or gathering through social media is very convenient.

The findings of the fourth part point out that many students’ attention always are distracted by social media. Nearly 70% students agree some social media will increase the proportion of suffering depression. Generally, the students know that using social media for a long time will affect the mental and physical health, but they still use social media. It is contradiction.

This survey has provided recommendations for students with the aim of changing attitude on social media.
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