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Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Vestina Stere
Mr. Kroll
English 221
Abstract on Lanval
First article
In this article, Ryan Werner shows the use of nature in “Lanval”. He talks a lot about how it is hard for a man to go against his naturally boastful and all telling self. He is forced to not talk about this beautiful woman that he met despite what others say and think about him. He must also restrain from having sex with anyone else if he wants to keep the Faerie Queen. Werner discusses how this goes against the nature of men. Most men, even in this time, were male harlots to put it nicely so for a man to defy his natural instincts to fornicate with everything that crosses his path would be hard. Second Article

In this article, SAP discusses how a woman can be as strong, “sexually, emotionally, and physically” as a man. SAP suggests that she started the rise in literate women during the twelfth- century. The author talks about how woman can take control and make demands in a relationship. This was not dreamed of in that era the thought of a woman make decisions and being educated in this time were ideas that many men tended to disagree with. De France shows qualities such as love, passion and gender roles are incorrect through the characters. Back when this lay was written Marie de France found that all of those things were foolish, yet, years down the road we still see those tendencies even in our society.
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