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  • Published: December 25, 2012
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1.1 Abstract
This report investigates the attitudes of teenagers and elderly attitudes towards homosexual in Hong Kong. In this research, we have distributed 50 copies of questionnaire; the questionnaire includes two parts regarding teenagers and the elderly respectively. The information from this research is collected from this questionnaire.

This report includes several parts; the first part of this report is the introduction, which gives the background, objective, purpose and general organization of this dissertation and then to accurately and fairly disclose how the homosexual cope with the attitudes measures against them. Apart from that, the introduction also explains how other people discussed homosexuality.

In the second part of this report, we summarize the identified areas throughout the research. Those research and realities faced by the homosexuals and the general publics are revealed with the supporting confirmation from the data collected in the interviews and other related documents and research studies. Recommendations are also included in the last part of this report.

Hong Kong is a place where the attitudes and values of East and West meet; however, its cultures is seen as conservative in many realms, including the acceptance toward homosexuality. The general perception is that gender identity or sexual orientation are somehow sensitive and even a forbidden topic to discuss openly. Moreover, the issues that the homosexuals might face such as particularly discrimination in both private life and at work, are not widely understood, recognized and adopted by the heterosexuals.

Homosexuals in Hong Kong are still facing discrimination and are not receiving equal rights like normal citizens. The problem still exists due to the reason of the ruling elites and trendy give the rights to people to treat homosexual unequally. There are many people trying to help the homosexual to leave the dilemma and have succeeded. The...
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