Abstinence Essay 3

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Thomas Johnson3/16/09
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Abstinence is an equal opportunity behavior. Anyone, at anytime, can make a Smart choice to not have sex. It is a thoughtful choice and a difficult decision is made with a lucid, drug free mind. Abstinence is an expression of personal power and self- consciousness. Two reasons why abstinence is 100% effective is because if you follow it, there is no way that you can get an STD/STI, and there are no risks at all. If you decide not to have sex then there is no way you can get pregnant, choosing abstinence is basically the fact that you would constantly have to visit the doctor to get checked for diseases. Five ways to show a partner that you care without engaging in any sexual activity is to ▪ Talk to each other.

▪ Buy flowers for girlfriend/ wife
▪ Write a love poem
▪ Prepare romantic dinner
▪ Show affection with words.
Two consequences of a person that doesn’t choose to be abstinent are that they could get an STD/STI, or the female could get pregnant. Abstinence is the most effective way of preventing an STD/STI or pregnancy, although it can be hard. You just have to think of it in the most positive way that you can, and understand that being abstinent is the best solution for you at a young age. You should enjoy life instead of having to worry about a child, or some sort of STI/STD
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