Absorption of Different Cloth Diapers

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Absorption of different cloth diapers

The purpose of this experiment is to determine which type of cloth diaper can absorb the most amount of water before coming out in any way (either through the diaper or out the sides).

There are many types of cloth diapers on the market these days. They are very expensive and I believe that most parents would like to buy a cloth diaper that has the most absorption. No one wants to put any diaper on their child that will leak through with a small amount of liquid.

Literature Review
There was a science experiment done to compare the absorbency of disposable diapers to a cloth diaper. Pampers brand came out on top with the cloth diaper coming out last. I find that this experiment is inappropriate because with common knowledge disposable diapers are more absorbent than cloth diapers because of the material that disposable diapers are made of. 1

I found a consumer study done on 21 different types of paper towels. With all the different types that were tested there were three that came out on top. I was very shocked to find out that the second and third in line were in fact a store brand. The first was a name brand “Bounty Extra Soft”. I found that this study was very helpful and it stayed within its boundaries of comparison.2

In both of these experiments the product was dipped into the liquid and then the remaining of the liquid was measured to see how much was left and whichever one had the least amount left came out on top.

Experimental Design
In my experiment, it will be different. I am trying to find out how much liquid in tablespoons the product can hold before it either goes through or comes out the side, whichever is first.

I will place each cloth diaper laying flat on a paper towel and pour one tablespoon of cold water into the center of each diaper one at a time. After each tablespoon I will pick up the diaper and paper towel to see if it has leaked through. Once it has gone...
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