Absorbtion of Spinach

Topics: Light, Wavelength, Electromagnetic radiation Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Absorption spectrum of the Spinach Chloroplast By a Different Wavelength and Photosynthesizes
Activity in different light filters

Instructor: Dr, David Danseraveu

Student: Hassan Sedaghat, A00345910

Due date: 11/13/2012

Material and Method:
In the photosynthesis system, plants and other photosynthesizing creatures they use light of the sun as energy by absorbing some specific wavelength. A prepared sample of the chloroplast from spinach was used during this experiment. In order to observe the absorbance of chloroplast, a sample of the 7 mL chloroplast was prepared by pipetting the 7 mL amount of the chloroplast in to the clean, dry cuvette. A spectrophotometer was warmed up from the beginning of the lab to get prepared for the actual testing. A blank sample which contained 7mL sorbitol buffer was used to celibate the device between each different wavelength. the result shown on the spectrophotometer was recorded. Filters


In order to observe the activity of the chloroplast in different wavelength of the light, a system that contained a light source, 100mL beaker filled with tap water and the 250 mL beaker covered separately with three different light filter was used. its been shown in the figure.1. The distance between light source and the 250 mL was measured by 20 centimeter ruler and the beaker was taped in its place. Three light filters were used to cover the 250mL beaker. 1000mL


Figure.1 the system of the wavelength of light

The blank cuvette was used to calibrate the device each time in this section of the experiment. DCPIP is the blue color substance that usually been used as a concentration indicator in the chloroplast. A 50μL of this substance was measured carefully by using 200μ micrometer and transferred it to the three different clean cuvettes. A three separate 7mL of chloroplast was measured by 10mL pipette and was transferred to each prepared...
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