Absorbent Mind Essay

Topics: Consciousness, Mind, Unconscious mind Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Absorbent Mind
When a child is born, he does not possess the characteristics of an adult human being. Child at birth does not express himself in articulate language. A child cannot use his hands, cannot do his work and cannot walk. The child develops by stages. The child at six months, begin to sit up and at nine months to crawl or slide himself along on hands and feet. Then he stands up at ten months and walks at twelve to thirteen months. By fifteen months, he is sure on his legs. Learning to speak is a most impressive step along the path of independence for the child. The child, who is being unable to express himself or to understand what others say, seems to acquire simultaneously, both hearing and power of speech. All the development child does during the first two and a half years of age are human achievements which need a mental activity. Dr. Montessori was the first one to recognize the fact that the child has a mind which is not conscious mind and which is different from an adult mind. She called it ABSORBENT MIND. The child uses a special ability for soaking up knowledge, information and everything about him from the environment unconsciously from birth to two and a half years and consciously from the age of two and a half to six years. This wonderful step taken by the child to pass from nothing to something is marvelous, miraculous and universal. There was girl of three years of age in my class, whose mother tongue is Bengali, completely different from others in the class, as all other children were from Hindi- speaking family. Though the language of instruction in the class was English, this little girl always chattered with her friends in Hindi. No one taught her this unknown language. She herself learnt it from her peers. It was her inner urge to socilize with other children of the class that taught her a complete different language. There is, so to speak, in every child a meticulous teacher, so skilful that he obtains identical results in all...
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