Absolutism and Democracy Have Had Effect on the Rights of the People Positively and Negatively

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Absolutism and democracy have had effect on the rights of the people positively and negatively. Absolutism and democracy have been spread across Europe, and the people hated both of them for their own reasons.

In different ways both absolutism and democracy and its effect the rights of the people and how they see their government. Absolutism gave the ruler total control over everything, that made the people feel too controlled and a fear for their ruler. That was a problem with absolutism it made people afraid of their ruler.

When the people of an absolute ruler are afraid they don’t support the ruler a hundred percent. That when the ruler needs the middle class and or high class they will not support the ruler’s decision. That’s what is needed in the long run.

With absolutism the ruler can control religion. A ruler can decide what the religion that the people have. But in most cases with religion the ruler allows religion to be open due to having the majority of the population involved with religion. But, rulers have declared divine right witch is saying that the ruler’s word has been sent from god. That gained the support of the religion.

Now with democracy it equals the power so know body has too much power. So now there is a need for wars, laws, and human rights have to be agreed on by groups of people and not one person. This gives people the feeling that they get their word out,

Those groups of people are called the executive, legislative, and judicial powers. If things need to get done, for an example a law it will need to be run through those powers first. And the people who are put in these branches are chosen buy the people of the country, and not a line of royalty.

There is a lot more processes in democracy that can get complex or get shut down before it started. When compared to absolutism, democracy would take longer process when the absolute ruler will just pass a law without concretions of other people of equal power....
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