Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Analysis

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  • Published : August 28, 2011
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Short Answer Questions
Leslie Silko has said that "If we Indians do not 'represent' our communities as we see them, then others ...will concoct fantasies that pass for the truth." What truths does Alexie represent in his novel about Indian communities? The audience discovers there are many truths between the ‘Indian communities’ that Sherman Alexie describes in his novel. One truth is the fact that in American Indian communities, inhabitants feel a loss of culture due to the mainstream items that have been introduced by the Americans when they colonised the land. These materialistic items have decreased the traditional values that the tribes learn form previous generations. Additionally, the novel can be compared to the life on Indian reservations as it illustrates the loss of identity when mainstream items are brought into the tribe. Moreover, another truth is that there is little or no education that is being taught in the tribal schools that can help the students achieve professional opportunities. Furthermore, there are limited funds to feed the children and the trouble with the reservations life is that the money the people earn is funded into poker machines and other forms of gambling. This is demonstrated in both Alexie’s novel as well as the reservation lifestyle of Indians today. Junior who lives on the Spokane Indian Reservation discovers that alcohol is more important to most residents than education is. This further demonstrates how uneducated the tribal members are, which in turn results in the death of many. Alexie has worked on films of some of his work, including Reservation Blues. Comment on three scenes in the novel relating to the thematic concern of discovery of the new and alien that you think would translate well onto the big screen. One scene, which relates to the thematic concern of discovery, is the scene where Junior has to play in a basketball competition against Wellpint. At the end of the game, Junior discovers that although he is...
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