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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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NOTEBOOK GUIDE______________________________________________________________________

The Spanish-American War

Main Idea: Why did the United States go to war with Spain in 1898? What were the lasting results?

Consider this question: When is it appropriate for the United States to send soldiers to fight and face death on foreign soil? Choose up to three of the following reasons. In your notebook, explain each of your choices in a sentence or two.

• To assist an ally of the U.S.

• To protect territory that is close to U.S. borders

• To stop human rights abuses

• To acquire resources

• To gain power

• To acquire territory

• To improve national security

• To spread or protect American values and moral beliefs

• To fight against tyrannical governments

• Under no circumstances is it appropriate

You will be creating the front page of a newspaper using images cut from the handout and articles that you write as you respond to each section of the reading. To begin, set up your newspaper across two pages of your notebook as shown.

Read the section titled War Fever Escalates. Then, next to the image for this section, write a letter to the editor expressing your feelings about the coverage in the New York World and New York Journal of events in Cuba. You letter should include:

• Your thought on the accuracy of these stories

• Your ideas on the coverage of these events as an effort to keep Americans informed

• The term concentration camps

Read the section titled The U.S.S. Maine Explodes. The, next to the image for this section, write a lead story sensationalizing the publication of the de Lome letter and the explosion of the USS Maine in order to fuel public anger toward Spain. Your story should include:

• The basic details of each incident

• Attempts to encourage Americans to press the US...
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