Absolute and Difference Threshold

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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What exactly is an absolute threshold or difference threshold? In this paper, I will experiment these two thresholds, go in depth of what exactly they are, and I will also contrast. I will first talk about absolute, then work my way into difference. Each one of our bodies organs have what is called sensory receptors, which detect stimuli from the outside world and process it so that the braid can comprehend. These receptors can be found in such places as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Hints the five senses of the body. Hecht, Shlaer and Pirenne came up with an experiment in 1942 that was designed to measure the minimum number of photons that could be detected by the human eye; therefore various controls were implemented to ensure that this was the case. No two people have the exact same absolute threshold, just like they don’t have the same DNA. Everyone has their own unique thresholds. Some are more or less sensitive than others to certain things. The term absolute threshold is used in neuroscience and experimental research. An absolute threshold is the smallest detectable level of a stimulus. For example, in an experiment on sound detection, researchers may present a sound that has different volume levels. The smallest level that a participant is able to hear is the absolute threshold. However, it is important to know that at the lowest levels, participants may only be detecting the stimulus part of the time. Because of this, the absolute threshold is usually defined as the smallest level of a stimulus that a person is able to detect 50% of the time. One example of absolute threshold is a vision threshold experiment. The absolute threshold in the experiment this class conducted was putting a lower case “e” on a piece of paper. The absolute threshold for all participants was the farthest away I was standing away from each individual before they could make out what was in the center of that page. For the absolute threshold of vision, the absolute threshold...
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