Absenteeism in Indian Private Industries

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Absenteeism forms a major problem in industrial settings. They are indicators of low efficiency and reflect an attitude of dissatisfaction, unrest, lack of interest and grievances. They provide an index of job satisfaction and employee morale. There is no uniform definition of absenteeism. Hackett defines absenteeism as “a temporary cessation of work for not less than one whole working day, on the initiative of the workers, when his presence is expected”. This is a general definition of absenteeism. Technically it can be defined as the ratio of the number of days or shifts scheduled to work. According to a circular issued by the Labour Department, Govt. of India absenteeism rate refers to “the total man-shifts lost because of absence as a percentage of the total man-shifts scheduled”. For estimating the rate of absenteeism, “we require the number of persons scheduled to work and the number actually present. A worker who present who reports for any part of the shift is to be considered present. An employee is to be considered scheduled to the work, when the employee has available work and the employee is aware of it, and when the employer has no reason to expect, well in advance, that the worker will not be available for the work at the specified time”.

Regularly scheduled vacations, ordered lay off; strikes and absence after dismissal are excluded while estimating absenteeism. Thus, the rate of absenteeism can be estimated by the formula: Absence= (number of...
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