Absenteeism for the Fourth Year High School

Topics: Sampling, Absenteeism, Sample Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Absenteeism is the frequent absence of a student, employee, and other member of an organization without any valid reason. Often, absenteeism is the cause of reduction of performance level of an individual in an organization.

The main problem of today’s educational system is the truancy/habitual absenteeism of the students in school without proper vindication of such action. Some students are not aware of what absenteeism may lead them to and that may be the risk for them because there are many disadvantages of absenteeism such that: 1) Absenteeism might affect the performance level of a student in his/her studies 2) Absenteeism might isolate a student from his/her peers thus making him/her apprehensive in terms of social interactions 3) Absenteeism might contribute to the continued loss of instruction or poor academic achievement and may lead for students to drop out from school 4) Absenteeism might also lead for students to adopt a world of delinquency and crime and would give a bad effect to the society 5) Absenteeism they misses the opportunities that they should’ve had taken

Some student of the Aklan Valley High School practices Absenteeism. This thesis describes the factor that causes absenteeism of these students due to their filial relationship. We conducted this notion to help identify or indicate the student’s absenteeism’s cause to help them alter this misstep of theirs

Statement of the problem:
To get to the bottom of this problem, first, we have to identify the factors that may be the causes of this particular action. Then, later, we could initiate it to the student where we conducted the research. We can also come up of providing rules and regulations that will enforce the absentees in requiring fines and counselling of the parents. And lastly, he/she will be the final person whom should be responsible with the finishing touches. What is important is that we will be able to know why they are...
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