Absenteeism Essay 3

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The present chapter deals with definition, nature, theories and importance of absenteeism through low motivation, quality of work life and wage and salary. ABSENTEEISM
The term absenteeism refers to the failure to attend to work. A worker is considered as scheduled to work when the employer has work available for him and the worker is aware of it. A satisfactory level of attendance by employees at work is necessary to allow the achievement of objectives and targets by a department. Absenteeism occurs when an employee of a company does not come to work due to scheduled time off, illness, injury, or any other reason. The cost of absenteeism to business, usually expressed in terms of lost productivity. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The present study aims to find out,
* Whether the implementation of motivation and quality of work life decreasing absenteeism of the employees to develop the organization. In other words, whether the increased motivation decreases the absenteeism * Would the presence of better wage and salary tend to improve the organization? * Is there an impact on employee’s absenteeism by implementing motivation program? * How far the industrial fatigue and unhealthy working condition affects the absenteeism of employees?

* To identify the reasons for Absenteeism
* To investigate the level of motivation, quality of work life and the compensation and it results in the low rate of absenteeism. * To study the impact of employees absenteeism in improving productivity program schedule and the organizational development. * Evaluate the cause and effects of absenteeism at work place and type of absenteeism in today’s context * To study the various measures adopted by the organization * To identify factors that motivates the Employees ,which minimize Absenteeism * To provide suggestions in the form of solutions to reduce the rate of absenteeism NEED FOR THE STUDY

Motivation, Quality of work life, compensation represent an unsatisfied need which creates a state of tension or disequilibrium carrying on the individual to move in a goal directed pattern towards achieving the sate of equilibrium by satisfying the need motivation refer to the degree of readiness of an organization to pursue some designated goal. It is quite evident from today’s industry context that absenteeism is a common feature of industrial labor in India. It hinders industrial growth and its effect in two fold. Hence the present study attempts to find out the level of motivation of the employees and provide adequate suggestion so as to decrease the level of absenteeism among the employees.

The present study would be of great significance in the field of Human Resource Management. Since by assessing motivation, quality of work life and compensation will lead to low rate of absenteeism and it will reveal the level of motivation among the employees working in the organization. By providing various suggestions to the employees with regard to the choice of variable for the present study, the development of the organization can be increased with the minimum process and maximum profit. CAUSES OF ABSENTEEISM

As absenteeism in the workplace is a fast emerging problem across the globe, it's a challenge to come up with solutions on how to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. The general cause of absenteeism may be summarized as below: Nature of work – A worker is likely to be frequently absent when the job is tough and monotonous in nature. In such job, the worker gets tired and physically. Lack of interest or a feeling of responsibility and worth-wholeness are fundamental causes of absenteeism. Night shift duties and climates are some of the responsible factors of absenteeism. Deprived Working Condition – High rate absenteeism is also due to lack of adequate welfare facilities. Welfare activities include clean drinking water, canteen, room shelter, rest...
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