Absenteeism Complete Version for 4th Year High School Student

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Peer group Pages: 17 (4603 words) Published: March 19, 2013

Background of the Study
* Aklan Valley High School is a well-respected school with a high standard of learning. There are different student stereotypes in the school, along with their respected attitudes and behavior. The school is rich with highly recommended panel of teachers because of their skill in effective teaching. A highly respected principal guides the entire school for the success of every student and serves as a mirror of a good leader. *

* Aklan Valley High School, just like the other schools in the country, has students experiencing the effects of marital problems to their academic performance, thus it highly affects their form of living. Although it’s a normal thing to have marital problems within a family, but still, it is quite alarming for the students experiencing the effects of it. *

* Marital problems within the family of the students are one of the leading factors of their unsteady performance in school. Furthermore, their performance makes their life in school and even outside the campus quite alarming.

* The idea of love without marriage is no longer shocking. The fact that a couple is developing a close and intimate relationship, or even living together, does not necessarily mean that they are contemplating marriage. Still the idea of marriage without love remains unpopular in Western thought. Marrying for convenience, companionship, financial security, or any reason that doesn’t include love strikes most of us as impossible or at least unfortunate. *

* The marriage of today is quite different from the marriages of yesteryear. More than half of all married women work, and with that status comes financial and personal independence. One factor likely contributing to the growing number of legal separation in this country is the increasing financial independence of working women. *

* Marital problems and legal separation are on the rise, and as a consequence, so is the number of single-parent families and the number of children subjected to the stresses of these problems. *

* Adolescents experience special problems as a result of their parents’ marital problems, for their developing stage already involves the process of breaking family ties. When that marital problem take place before the adolescent is ready to play his or her own hand in it, the experience can be terribly unsettling. *

Statement of the Problem
Marital problems within the family of first and third year students of Aklan Valley High School is one of the leading factors why some of these students undergone guidance counseling because of their performance in the campus.

Marital problems within the family of AVHS students bring so many effects to the students:

1. The possible causes of marital problems within the family of first and third year students of Aklan Valley High School.

2. The possible effects to the academic performance of first and third year students of AVHS by the following reinforces; a. Institution acceptance
b. Peer acceptance
c. Community acceptance

3. The effects of marital problems within the family of First Year and Third Year AVHS students to their behavior or personality in terms of; a. Social aspect
b. Emotional aspect
c. Mental aspect

4. The way on how the parents of AVHS students manage to fix their problem in order to save their children from the harmful effects of marital problems.

Significance of the Study
In this study, the effects of marital problems within the family of first and third year AVHS students and how can this be avoided is emphasized. Moreover, this will help understand the situation of first and third year AVHS students that affects their academic performance in school. In addition to this, this will create a large bias for these students in the campus in order to help them cope with different expectations and discrimination...
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