Absenteeism 3

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  • Published: January 22, 2012
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Chapter I
Background of the Study
A child or student’s interest is the most basic element that makes a group learning system work in an organize way. From the head to the base members of this organization, the condition of one may affect the others. This kind of educational system is comparable to a series light connection where in the state of one greatly affects the others. Population and the percentage within that population which causes negative feedbacks can be the primary reason of a poor product. The group or classroom type of organized way of learning has given that impact to the community being the commonly used system. Its effectiveness has been proven and has never been out of fashion.

The relationship between the student’s physical presence on class discussions and their learning performance are greatly relative. Class participation is just one way of measuring a child’s learning ability. In a class, the teacher-student relationship is one of the most fundamental units in student’s learning. Learning in a system of group collaboration is one of the best ways in gaining knowledge. It is a teamwork which the framework relies on an individual learning from the others and others learning from that individual. When a student misses a day of school he/she must have lost the chance to hear others, interpret and analyzing the lessons or joins the interaction within the class. This lost is being rooted to two different courses and varying factors under these courses. The inquiry might be a family situation or an individual problem. Then, under these courses are the factors that contribute to a child’s regular truancy. These may be finance concerns, disability, psychotic imbalance, poor school climate, family health, transportation problems, drug and alcohol use, and differing community attitude towards education (Savers, D. etal,2005). Absenteeism in one angle view point is one of the most...
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