Abreakfast Tale Massacre

Topics: Fear, Horror and terror, Egg Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: May 14, 2013
A Breakfast Tale Massacre
Eggs awaiting their death; a deadly mixer, and an almighty hand that controls the eggs’ lives are all thought-provoking elements of “An Egg Horror Poem”. Although many poems are fascinating to read, “An Egg Horror Poem” was engaging through the aforementioned elements, a realistic theme, light-hearted mood, and vivid imagery. By using all three of the great literary ‘musts’; namely, theme, mood, and imagery, the author, Laurel Winter, has written poem that will stand as a poetry classic for years to come. When I read “The Egg Horror Story” for the first time, it seemed a silly tale - a breakfast massacre of an inanimate object - but realization slowly started to sink in as I wondered, ‘what if these eggs are fertilized?’ It would certainly make sense as they feel things as stated “They jostle in their compartments “(Line 10). If that’s the case could this be murder? Or is it a satirical horror story? All of these elements add to the overall mood, whether the poem is read as a symbolic breakfast massacre or simply satire at its best. There is also a fine line through the mood of the poem between laughter, after all it is breakfast food, and tears, through mourning for the two eggs that die. The mood is exemplified by how the eggs are described as “dark and gloomy inside the refrigerator waiting for their fate”, to the obvious sarcastic comments by Winter, for example “clucked to them-merengues” (Line 19-20). These lines illustrate not only what is going on, but how the eggs cope with the loss of their dear cartonmates. One final point in regarding to mood is, “Before they can even jiggle they are alone again”( Line 31-32) These two lines show how quickly the mood can also reverse from laughter to sadness. The lines start with a funny play on words because “they jiggle”, which is what eggs do. The next line is serious, almost depressing, because, “the eggs are alone again” means their friends are dead and the remaining eggs are left to...
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