Abraham Lincoln: The Epitome of the Common Man

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  • Published : June 2, 2011
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Some people wonder how Abraham Lincoln is so great to hold the title as the Epitome of The Common Man. Abraham Lincoln is the Epitome of the Common Man because of his past characteristics, use of characteristics during presidency, and the consequences of his characteristics. His past characteristics played a major part in him becoming the president. Without some of the great characteristics from the start he probably would not have became the 16th president. Another way he used his characteristics in a major way is by using them during his presidency. His characteristics played a major role towards the blood thirsty Civil War. As the the quote says with every good thing their is a consequence you have to face along with it” Lincoln has a lot of depictions that represent how great his characteristics are. In Young Mr. Lincoln he has a couple of scenes that show some of his great characteristics. Statues inside the United States and outside the country represent his characteristics as well.

How Abraham Lincoln past characteristics help him became the 16th president of the United States? As a young boy he was big on moral and mental growth. He believed in principles of right and wrong and always tried to get people to make the right decision instead of making the wrong decision. Also he believed that peoples emotional and intellectual response was more important than physical responses. He had charisma and was a people person which was very helpful towards becoming the president because of his ability to tell stories and to be able to strike up a conversation where ever people gathered. Good communication is a major quality to help him become the president. He went to a lot of social gatherings that made him well known made much easier for him to become president. His task as a young boy shows he was responsible because he did things like run errands, bring in wood and water, weeding the garden, picking grapes and wild berries, and dropping the seeds at planting time. Lincoln had ancestors that were self- reliant, very moderate, respected by their neighbors. This why should not expect any less from Lincoln he is self reliant by showing himself how to read and learn things on his on instead of expecting school to teach him. Lincoln was very moderate because even though a lot of people liked him did not make him become arrogant. Lincoln was respected by a lot of people because if they did not respect him they would not have listen to what he had to say. Abraham Liconln’s mom Nancy Lincoln was very intelligent, deeply religious, kindly, and affectionate. He picked up some of his mothers characteristics. Lincoln was very intelligent by learning so much about law that he was able to become a lawyer. He was deeply religious because he read the bible on the regular basis and was committed to god but he did not consider himself that religious. He was very kind as in a scene in Young Mr. Lincoln he offers a family money to buy fanning shirts and Lincoln says keep the money and they do not have to repay him back, which he did that out of the kindness of his heart. Abraham Lincoln was persistent because even though he failed to to get United States Senate twice he eventually kept trying and became president. According to New Salem friend Mentor Graham noted that Mr. Lincoln wrote letters for his less literate friends. Lincoln said to Graham that “he learned to see other people thoughts and feelings and ideas by writing their friendly confidential letters.” Lincoln was part of the Whig party from 1830s to 1856. The Whig party promoted internal improvements, such as roads, canals, railroads, and deepening of rivers. The Whig Party was disintegrated after 1856, then Lincoln decided to join the Republican Party because his fellow Whig companions. Being in the Whig Party ( Now Republican Party) helped Abraham Lincoln build on his politician characteristics. Abraham Lincoln worked as a ferry man on the Ohio River in Indiana. Which allowed...
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