Abraham Lincoln Great American Leader

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Great American Leader:
Known as the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln
Have you ever heard a story or found facts about such an incredible person, in makes you stop in think a lot about your life, and how exactly you can make a difference, this is why I have decided to write about our 16th president. February 12, 1809 a very important person in history was born, he went by the name Abraham Lincoln. He grew up near Hogenville, Kentucky. At the age of two he was taken to a farm in the valley of Knob Creek. Abraham had lived with his father Thomas Lincoln, who was the descendant of a weaver’s apprentice, his mother named Nancy, who appeared to of been illegitimate birth, and his sister Sarah. In 1816 Thomas Lincoln moved his family to Indiana, as hard as this was they eventually built a permanent home and bought the land that it was on. Then March of 1830 came along and the Lincoln family decided to do a second migration to Illinois, this was about the time when Abraham was starting life on his own. After reaching Illinois, one thing that was completely not in his interest was being a farmer, he had tried so many different things, but his main interest was being a legislator. He had gotten defeated within his first try, but repeatedly was reelected. In 1836 Abraham had passed an exam, and began to practice law. About 20 years after getting his career, Lincoln was known in Illinois as being the most successful lawyer. Eventually, Abraham found the love of his life, and got married November 4, 1842; they had four children, and loved them more than anything. Still being very passionate about law, May 18, 1860, he was nominated on the third ballot at the Republican National Convention in Chicago, this is when he stopped practicing law and gave main focus to his campaign. Finally, on March 4, 1861 he became president, he had very good views and judgment, his presidency lasted 4 years, and then he had died on April 15, 1865. He was assassinated, the previous day,...
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