Abraham Lincoln - Critical Analysis

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Abraham Lincoln
Prepared for : Leadership Skills - HOST 2006. Prof. Tracey Kalimeris Prepared by: Priyan Wijayarartna 100743970; Janshan Rasanayagam 100719742; Paramjit Lal 100709160

November 14, 2011


Why choose Abraham Lincoln?
There are so many great leaders from our collective past and present, so choosing one to focus on as a Leader was not an easy task. We decided to let fate decide and took out a penny. Just before flipping the coin, Janshan noticed that it was an American Penny and wasn't sure what the emblems on the coin were. It was Abraham Lincoln's face and the Lincoln Washington memorial building . Inscribed on the penny is " In God we Trust." What we knew of him at that moment was that he was considered a great American president who was assassinated while watching a theatre production with his wife. We also knew that he was the President that freed the negro slaves through the Emancipation Proclamation and because of this action, had to face a civil war that divided the United States The North vs The South. Today, the United States Commander and Chief is from African

American heritage and it is because of Abraham Lincoln's leadership that today this is a reality. We were excited to discover more of this great mans life - his character, his trials and tribulations and how he managed to free over 3 million African American slaves and unite a country in turmoil at the same time! When reading about his early life, to someone who knew nothing of Abraham Lincoln before his Presidency would have perceived him to be nothing of distinction. He was born from two poor farmers who had little or no formal education. He had only a year of schooling

throughout his adolescence and taught himself how to read and write. His step mom Sarah Lincoln wrote that ,


"Abe read all the books he could lay his hands on....he never told me a lie in his life, never evaded, never quarreled, never dodged nor turned a corner to avoid any chastisement or other responsibility.” (1)

He decided to apply to a school of business and soon after dropped out. A year after failing business school, his childhood sweetheart dies and Lincoln suffers a nervous breakdown. Experiencing all of these tribulations, Abraham Lincoln's strength in character doesn't allow him to give up. He decides to practice law. In spite of no formal training, Lincoln decided to try for the State Legislation and loses. Later on in his career he decides to run for Congress, and the Senate twice, and loses. In his fifties he was elected the 16th President of the United States.

Why is Lincoln considered a leader?
People respected his honesty, integrity and respect for everyone. His strong devotion to individual rights and to The Constitution exemplifies his feelings of duty and loyalty. He

preserved the Union and defended the Constitution against the South and even those within the North. Lincoln was a man of his word. He expressed empathy for the poor and common man, as well as show sorrow toward those you were lost in the fight. He demonstrated this by freeing 60,000 confederation soldiers when the war was over. He had the most difficult of tasks by any President to date - To reunite a country being torn apart by Civil war. By staying true to his Baptist roots, he abolishes slavery and the lives of 3,000,000 African American Souls are declared free!


Abraham Lincoln as a Leader
From 1861 - 1865, at the age of 52 years Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of a broken country. The South had formed a new alliance as The Confederacy in opposition to Lincoln's anti-slavery act - The Emancipation Proclamation. President Abraham Lincoln lead the Union and preserved the ideals founded within the Constitution. Many Southern states made it clear that if Lincoln was elected, they would leave the Union. The South was against Lincoln because he opposed slavery. South Carolina was the first to secede in December 1860. Ten other Southern...
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