Abraham Lincoln and the Movie

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Audrey Gonzalez
History 1301
Dr. Crane
December 12, 2012

Abraham Lincoln

In the movie, Abraham Lincoln was portrayed as more than just the President of the United States. He was portrayed as an actual human being with his own problems and also as a loving husband and father. His actions that he took showed the audience what kind of man he was which was, generous and also the kind of man that sought out to do something and get it done. This is what makes Lincoln more of a person than President.

During the movie Lincoln goes through many obstacles, but the one that he faces the most is getting the 13th Amendment passed by the Cabinet. Even with this obstacle being his priority he also had many other obstacles or challenges he faced. Even if these other challenges were not the countries priorities they were to him. Keeping his wife satisfied with assurance that there oldest son would stay out of the army, keeping his youngest son entertained with having him as much of his childhood as possible and lastly trying to remain as a peaceful president to both the North and South is what made Lincoln.

The way this made him more human than President is the fact that he did not just ignore his family and his duty as a husband and father. Those being his duties he was sure enough fulfilling them as they portrayed in the movie. The way he would respond to his wives needs and the way he cared for his youngest son was shown perfectly in the film. One scene it actually showed his side of being a husband; him arguing with his wife Betty Lincoln showed the realness of his marriage, which falls back on him being human. In another scene it showed him caring for his son when had fallen asleep near the fireplace looking at textiles. He carried his son to his room and tucked him in bed showing his generous side and the side of him being a loving father.
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